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"Start selling fruit, weeks before the actual harvest."

FruitForecast B.V. is powered by Ad Hurks, owner of  Hurks Horti Consult B.V., seated in the Netherlands. After more than 10 years of practical and theoretical research, we succeeded to develop a reliable forecast for
my clients.

Why is Fruit Forecast important?
Hurks Preparations

It solves challenges with suppliers regarding fruit demand, it gives reliable workforce planning, right packaging materials, number of boxes, etc.

Hurks Feeding and irrigation strategy

FruitForecast is a software solution that calculates the yields of plants for the coming weeks.

Hurks Crop management

Happier suppliers, good workforce solutions, better self-life, less stress, due to a good planning, etc.


Fruit Forecast Application is available on smartphones, tablets and computers that have internet access, running on any kind of browser.

You can easily sign in your account with the ID and password that were given to you by us. It is also possible to train the employees and fieldworkers who will work with the Fruit Forecast App.

Take into consideration that the FruitForecast team is always ready to answer your questions whenever you need support.

Fruit Forecast advise package


Forecast Service

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